Avoid Extra Calories Over The Festive Season With These Healthy Tips

Avoid Extra Calories Over The Festive Season With These Healthy Tips

The holidays seem to roll around faster every year, and most people still end up frazzled by obligations and preparations. It’s that time of year when extra calories lurk around every corner. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Parties & Corporate end of the year dinners, it could get you wondering –  So what’s the harm in a little holiday weight gain, especially if it’s just a couple of pounds? Well, the fact is those pounds can add up year after year, making holiday weight gain an important factor in your overall weight.

In this article, we shall be sharing some tips to help avoid weight gain, dull skin and elevated blood sugar levels that can result from overeating— while still enjoying a happy, healthy holiday season at the same time.


  • Start each meal with a soup or salad: Holiday foods tend to be richer and heavier than normal meals, which can lead to excessive caloric intake. By starting with a broth-based soup (not cream) or a salad (minus heavy dressing), it is easier to eat a smaller portion of a heartier food without going hungry. Minestrone, vegetable soups, and chicken noodle are healthy options.


  • Don’t Skip Meals: Saving space in your belly for a huge Christmas dinner is a bad way to prevent overindulging. In fact, it can have the very opposite effect. According to Canada’s Food Guide, skipping meals, which makes us extremely hungry throughout the day, only encourages us to pack in more calories when we finally sit down for a meal. Your body has become so desperate for food that you eat quicker and unknowingly take in more than you would have had you spaced out your meals throughout the day.


  • Drink Smarter & Stay Hydrated: During the festive season, it’s common to consume more alcohol. Excess alcohol can relax inhibition, and stimulate appetite. With the number of parties and dinners over the holidays, limit alcohol to one to two drinks per event. Also remember to stay hydrated and take enough water, Drinking two glasses of water is an age-old technique to fill you up that works. Drinking two glasses of water prior to your meal means your stomach will start off more full, so you won’t feel the need to overeat.


  • Exercise & Get Enough Sleep: So many people put their exercise routines on hold during the holidays which I do not recommend. With the inevitable extra food and added holiday stress, exercise is the best way to keep up your energy and sweat out some of those extra calories. While late nights make it hard to stick to a regular sleep schedule, sleep deprivation can cause not only drowsiness the following day, but also lead to overeating.


  • Indulge a Little & Don’t Be Afraid To Pout: Deprivation of favorite holiday-only treats can lead to an unplanned binge, especially when stress levels are elevated. Many women enjoy wearing a bright red lipstick around the holidays, and applying a vibrant shade can not only perk mood, but also help avoid over-indulging. After dinner, re-applying a perfect pout can help resist the urge to have second helpings or another glass of wine.

Hopefully by practicing these few tips for healthy eating during the festive, you could avoid the extra calories that often comes with the holidays. Happy celebrations

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